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San Diego, CA  —  Organizer: booknerd

San Diego Planning Thread
May 6, 2009 11:02 AM   RSS feed for this thread Subscribe

There are 71 users near me. The last confirmed San Diego meet-up was in 2006. Please, let's represent! Date and time discussion starts now.

I'll put in my vote for a MeFi-supplemented trip to the Stone Sour Fest on the 19th. I live very nearby and drunken MeFites could crash at my place if they wanted to. It goes all day, and you don't have to participate/pay for the fest if you just want to hang out and eat/drink. If people aren't up for that, throw out other ideas.
posted by booknerd to San Diego, CA at 11:02 AM (36 comments total)

No other idea, but would love to join in whatever you are planning. I haven't booked a flight yet, but quite probably I won't arrive before Saturday -- so I'd vote for the 19th, too, with the hope I won't fall asleep directly after the first beer.

Will be my first time to San Diego, and wouldn't a meet-up be a great start?
posted by Henrik at 11:31 AM on May 6, 2009

this is right before comic con so things might get a bit hairy on my end, but i'll do my best to represent.
posted by fillsthepews at 4:53 PM on May 6, 2009

I'm up in Escondido (not far from the Stone Brewery actually) - I'd be all over this.
posted by FritoKAL at 5:47 PM on May 6, 2009

That sounds like a fantastic idea, i'm down. I also live not too far from stone.
posted by escher at 8:20 AM on May 8, 2009

...and that's five! I went ahead and set the date, since that seems to work well for at least a few folks. I made my boyfriend (who came with me to a London meet-up) sign up for MeFi too, finally, so this will be a good uh, indoctrination. I set the time for 11am, since that's when the Sour Fest starts in case anyone is in to that idea. I'd recommend getting tickets ahead of time if you want to do that. I'll try to get there earlier to save a big table on the patio.
posted by booknerd at 9:30 AM on May 8, 2009

I'm actually up in LA that weekend, but if people will be there most of the day, I should be able to join in at the tail end.
posted by natabat at 11:04 PM on May 11, 2009

Escondido is kind of a hike from San Diego, but I'll try to be there.
posted by 26.2 at 11:06 AM on May 14, 2009

It is a bit of a hike. Maybe a carpool can be worked out?

Natabat, I'd say with a great deal of certainty that people (at least, myself, for sure) should be there most of the day, and into the evening.
posted by booknerd at 11:50 AM on May 14, 2009

I've got two little kids and a wife NOT on MeFi, and I don't live near the brewery, but I would love to come if I can. I'll put it on my calendar and see how the summer is shaping up as we get closer... Thanks for putting it together, booknerd.
posted by yiftach at 1:10 PM on May 14, 2009

I think my definition of 'hike' may be violently different from everyone else's. Half an hour is a hike?

That said, I can offer pickup from the local train station thing if people need it. (I'm small and harmless and my taste in music is only mildly dubious.)
posted by FritoKAL at 5:30 PM on May 14, 2009

FritoKAL, I live up here too (Rancho Bernardo), and I've noticed it's a lot easier to get me to visit friends elsewhere in the county than it is to get them to visit me. I also had a friend who lived in PB tell me that having an SO you had to get on a freeway to visit counted as a "long distance relationship." I'm pretty sure she was at least half joking.
posted by natabat at 9:39 AM on May 15, 2009

Looks like I may be able to make this! I will be moving in hopefully July 1st, and I can't think of a better way to kick off a move out west. By the way booknerd, I've tentatively found a place to live a couple blocks away from Balboa in Hillcrest. A furnished studio with all utilities paid for $1,000 even. Thanks again for your help, I definitely am looking forward to the Toronado 3 dollar happy hour on Monday. And you've definitely got yourself a deal on the Dark Lord, and maybe a Westy 12 if I don't get too thirsty between now and then. Had my first Abyss last night, side by side with a KBS to celebrate the new job. Cheers.

But as with the best laid plans, who knows what will happen, so I'm only filling out a Maybe for now. 95% sure it will work out.
posted by Never Better at 10:04 AM on May 30, 2009

never better, it sounds like with your beer nerdiness, you will fit in just fine in san diego! welcome!
posted by fillsthepews at 1:59 PM on May 30, 2009

Welcome, Never Better! Let me know if you and booknerd decide to do a Monday at Toronado--I don't get to see her enough! (Yes, this is partly my fault, I used to live in Julian and think nothing of driving an hour to see friends, but now that I live in the city I'm another one of those "Drive to North County? But it's so faaaar" people.)

I live in North Park (right near Hillcrest), so feel free to email if you have any questions about the area--I'm my username at gmail.
posted by exceptinsects at 10:55 AM on May 31, 2009

Woo! If every one of our "maybe" RSVPs showed up, we would have a better turnout than 60% of the confirmed anniversary meet-ups thus far. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
posted by booknerd at 2:33 PM on June 1, 2009

I'm in North park area. I'd love to do a meetup @ Bluefoot (since I can walk there). I'm leaning towards going to North County on the 19th.
posted by thekorruptor at 12:52 PM on June 24, 2009

I'm in North Park too and both the Bluefoot and Toronado are within stumbling distance.
posted by 26.2 at 8:18 PM on June 24, 2009

Also in North Park!
Just let me know when.
posted by exceptinsects at 9:23 PM on June 26, 2009

I will almost certainly be there, and will do my best to bring woj with me! :)
posted by mediocrates at 3:06 PM on July 4, 2009

Alright, now we're talking! I moved in this last week, and will be staying out in Jamul for the foreseeable future. I pass by North Park everyday on my way to work, and have been quickly picking up the lay of the land. Stone is about 20 minutes away from work, but I will save my first experience of it for the meet up.

Looking forward to the 19th - should be a good time.

Also, booknerd, the Westy 12 was supped in raucous celebration (read: drunk quietly by myself) though the Dark Lord has your name on it. Now if I can keep my roomie's hands off of it for another 2 weeks, we are good to go.
posted by Never Better at 3:00 PM on July 6, 2009

Yes! I got the day off work, so I will be there.
What time are people planning to come? I don't think I will get there right at 11.
posted by exceptinsects at 7:25 PM on July 7, 2009

There's a few other north parkers on Mefi. I'll try my best to make the 19th. Any word on the time?
posted by thekorruptor at 10:01 PM on July 7, 2009

I made a reservation for 11:15, so we'll at least be guaranteed some seating. It's hard to get a real head count together, so I made it for 9 people (the most I could do without talking to an events planner), but I can call them back and change that if we get more than say, 10 confirmed attendees. If we're 9 give or take a couple, I think we can just squeeze in around whatever table they give us.

I'll probably get there around 11, plan to stay and drink all day, and will try to rig up some sort of nerdy signage (although if anyone else had ideas/wanted to handle the sign, that would be a relief).
posted by booknerd at 8:48 AM on July 8, 2009

I'll likely arrive as close to 11 as I can, as I have a love for the sour beers. I don't want to lose a minute of time that could be spent quaffing such wonderful beverages. So at least you won't be the only person there if you arrive early. Now that the day is getting near, does anyone else have a time penned in for when they will (tentatively) arrive?

Glad to see you could get off exceptinsects. See you there!
posted by Never Better at 11:09 AM on July 8, 2009

Anyone up in the air about going? I can possibly give a ride to anyone who doesn't have one... depending on your whereabouts. I make a pretty wide swath of the San Diego area every day, so drop me a line if you could use some wheels.

Happy 10th everyone (or whatever reason you have to celebrate - if you don't have a reason, make one up.)

posted by Never Better at 8:56 AM on July 17, 2009

Hey, does anyone know what the policy on outside food is? Given how dang many of my AskMefi questions have been on baking, cupcakes and my newly budding cupcake business, I wanted to bring you guys some 'thank you' cupcakes, since I have some left over from a customer this weekend.
posted by FritoKAL at 11:31 PM on July 17, 2009

We've successfully brought in snacks and things to beer festivals there like this before. Given how much I'm sure we'll be spending on beer and Matt Haughey-funded snacks, cupcakes are totally A+ in my book.

Also, if exceptinsects doesn't show up, we should shame her. Apparently somebody had too much fun at Pride this weekend. Hmph.
posted by booknerd at 9:34 PM on July 18, 2009

For anyone reading this, we're seated outside on the east side of the patio. I've got my MeFi shirt hanging on our umbrella like a flag.
posted by booknerd at 12:01 PM on July 19, 2009

Sorry I'm missing out guys -- I just got home, and it looks like Stone will mostly be shutting down soon after I'd be able to get up there. :(
posted by natabat at 6:54 PM on July 19, 2009

Sorry I missed you all and that I missed cupcakes. :(

Hope you had fun and hope you post pics, especially of the Mefi flag.
posted by 26.2 at 8:09 PM on July 19, 2009

Had a great time meeting everyone- I don't think I'll be drinking much sour beer for awhile though, as the 16 or so I managed to consume made for some nice feelings this morning. Gotta say that they were pretty damn tasty, though.

I hope you get your kidnapped dog and car make it back to you alright, booknerd- just what has this world come to?

The cupcakes were the stuff dreams are made of. Sexy dreams. Thanks again FritoKAL, you are quite the cupcake hero, though your despicable self promotion of your business is so far outside what is considered acceptable Metafilter meet-up etiquette... I don't even have the words. Other than you rock, and will likely have some OMG business from myself and/or the office.

...and for shame exceptinsects. For. Shame.
posted by Never Better at 9:10 AM on July 20, 2009

I'm really ashamed of myself that I didn't manage to get more photos. I hope you were able to pick up the slack, Never Better.
posted by booknerd at 10:47 AM on July 20, 2009

Sorry I missed it, and hope y'all had fun. Maybe next time.
posted by RikiTikiTavi at 10:50 AM on July 20, 2009

Cupcake Hero would NOT be as awesome as Guitar Hero is. (For those of you just reading, I was really embarassed to hand out cards because I didn't want to use the MeFi meetup to promote anything, so they're all teasing me. Which is okay, because a) lots of cupcakes for them and b) Um. I'm not sure anymore. This post made a lot more sense when I was composing it in my head while sitting througha health dept class on pathogens.
posted by FritoKAL at 12:34 PM on July 20, 2009

FritoKAL bought me a MeFi account because she's tricksy like that. Had a great time meeting people. Apologies for bailing early due to mild heatstroke. WTF is up with the heat and humidity this summer?

(re: Cupcake/Guitar Hero, this is where I tell the story about how she made Guitar Hero themed mini cupcakes for my cousin's birthday... :) Mini chocolate cupcakes with colored frosting and little white chocolate melts so they basically looked like the little circle notes that come cascading down the screen.)

(PS - now she's probably going to tickle me or something for mortally embarrassing her)
posted by Tknophobia at 9:44 PM on July 20, 2009

I know, I suck. :-)

But seriously, you all would not have wanted me there either glaring at everyone or collapsed in a corner asleep.

Now that you all know each other, let's plan another get-together soon!
posted by exceptinsects at 1:56 PM on July 21, 2009

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