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Berlin, Germany  (Planning Stage)  —  Organizer: kolophon

Berlin Planning Thread
May 6, 2009 11:55 AM   RSS feed for this thread Subscribe

We need to pick a date and time between July 17 and July 19 and a location. I don't know about the date, but we could meet at my bar.
posted by kolophon to Berlin, Germany at 11:55 AM (16 comments total)

Berlin could end up being the place where mefites from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland etc go to. See this thread
posted by jouke at 4:32 AM on May 7, 2009

hey, i'll be there. Wherever there ends up being. And whenever then is!
posted by jeffj at 9:57 PM on May 8, 2009

Greatings from the NYC planning thread!

I think everyone expects there will be a fair of amount of cell phone chatter between events, and probably a few laptops with webcams linking various locales.

We in NYC are looking at just how much connectivity we can pull together, especially to connect with New Orleans. If any of you guys are interested in linking up please contact me.

We're just talking about evaluating whatever programs we'll use, test some settings in advance, that kind of thing. We were thinking that there would always be a "phone in" abilty from anywhere, but a few places might have more like a continuous live presence at each others events.
posted by StickyCarpet at 1:56 PM on May 9, 2009

This is great!
If it's in Berlin, I'll come over from Warsaw!
posted by ruelle at 2:01 PM on May 9, 2009

I'm defecting to the London camp since the dicussion on Berlin is so quiet/absent. I wish everybody who wants to meet up in Berlin a great time.
posted by jouke at 7:13 AM on May 13, 2009

Whatever the exact date and time, I'll attend.
posted by Glow Bucket at 1:36 AM on May 14, 2009

So, I'm just catching up on this and see that jouke is tossing in with the London crowd and I'll confess I'm a little, uh, put out - London has a big pool of mefites to draw people already.

But Berlin is affordable and attractive, too.

So what's it going to take to shift the balance? Waffles at 'Tim's Canadian?' the morning after?
Look, I'll put in my vote for beergarden or park grilling: no offense kolophon, but if the weather is good let's take advantage of it and be outside.

I don't know how we would connect this electronically - if nothing else our evening is the middle of the day/ morning for the east and west coasts of the U.S. And if we do this in a public space - how is this going to work?
posted by From Bklyn at 5:15 AM on May 14, 2009

Berlin is gorgeous in July, affordable, and fun, but this thread and the big Euro meetup thread have had less participation from Berlin locals than a regular Berlin meetup thread, so it's no wonder that folks opted for London.

Anyway, we are still working on a meetup here, just not The Mother of all Meetups. Park or a beer garden sounds very nice!
posted by Your Time Machine Sucks at 6:02 AM on May 14, 2009

I'm sorry that you're miffed, From Breukelen.
This is nothing against Berlin. It's just that I was aiming for a slightly bigger meetup than the general 2-3 people meetups that I can have locally in Amsterdam. And I lost faith that Berlin is going to be that bigger meetup.
Maybe I'll still go to a Berlin meetup since I definitely want to visit the town. But not for The Anniversary.
posted by jouke at 6:42 AM on May 14, 2009

From Breukelen

OMG imperialism!
posted by Your Time Machine Sucks at 7:54 AM on May 14, 2009

Not miffed, really, just hate to miss the opportunity for a good, big party and London is out of reach for me, so the idea of meeting a lot of other mefites here is/was appealing.

Alright, so this won't be the Mother of All Meetups but it could be a great-aunt, couldn't it?
posted by From Bklyn at 12:10 AM on May 15, 2009

Berlin: The Dowager of All Meetups.

I have some theories about connectivity, but they are location-dependent. I figure that we could at least peek in on the London folks a couple of times via Skype or something like that; don't know if there is payoff in trying to connect with NYC since it seems improbable that we'll be doing anything simultaneously unless they have afternoon events planned, but I'll inquire once we're a little farther along. From Bklyn, do you have suggestions for park or Biergarten locations?
posted by Your Time Machine Sucks at 2:28 AM on May 15, 2009

I'm sure NYC will some have afternoon activity, if only a few diehards watching your webcasts. Now, if no one over there can stay up long enough to defend themselves live by video chat at our evening event, then we'll probably just capture your earlier webcasts to show at our event and will edit them to create maximum embarrassment and humiliation.
posted by StickyCarpet at 11:33 PM on May 15, 2009

OMG imperialism!

Sorry for that. I dislike US/anglo-saxon imperialism as much as you do. I meant: van Breukelen
posted by jouke at 2:30 AM on May 16, 2009

Admin reminder: this meetup is going to be removed from the site tomorrow because the deadline for confirming the date, time, and location has passed. Please contact us with the details if you'd like to move this meetup from planning to scheduled.
posted by pb at 9:54 PM on July 8, 2009

Oops. Is someone still up for a meeting? I will be in Berlin on vacation that time (until Sunday morning) I don't have anything else in particular planned.
posted by rpn at 11:59 PM on July 9, 2009

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