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Columbia, SC  —  Organizer: 1f2frfbf

May 14, 2009 10:17 AM   RSS feed for this thread Subscribe

Need a ride? Trying to find a place to stay on the cheap? Post inside and see if others can help.

This is an all purpose thread for requests and ideas. It's probably best if you post your request and then others can MeFiMail you to help out.
posted by 1f2frfbf to Columbia, SC at 10:17 AM (1 comment total)

I am planning on coming to this with my girlfriend.

We will be coming from Asheville, and have safe reliable transportation. If anyone else in A-Town is planning on attending, MeFi Mail me and I will give you my cell number so we can coordinate a carpool closer to the date.

As for lodging, we will probably just crash the two of us in a hotel. Privacy post drinking and all that. =D
posted by lazaruslong at 12:06 PM on May 20, 2009

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