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New York, NY  —  Organizer: ThePinkSuperhero

May 21, 2009 4:43 PM   RSS feed for this thread Subscribe

Music Playlist for THE NIGHT OF

Any ideas for music, anything from dance, lounge, mefi memes, just plain good?

You can make suggestions, or better still send files to

We are going to have high end audio playback, so uncompressed files are strongly prefered.
posted by StickyCarpet to New York, NY at 4:43 PM (16 comments total)


Do you guys want to have a live DJ at any point? I bet there are some mefites who would be happy to volunteer (like me)
posted by orville sash at 8:55 AM on May 22, 2009

It's possible that at sometime in the extended weekend (this party may over run its banks) we could use that. The sound system we are installing is pretty complicated, due to the desire to feed in sound from other meetups, and to orchestrate various announcements and interactions. Video clips may be integrated, etc. Some lighting may be pre-programmed to the music. Also, there will be six channels of audio, and we may want to do some planning around that.

We are looking at assembling in advance about five 40 minute sets, each geared to a particular phase of the event. Probably we will use Protools for that, and could certainly use some help when it comes to building those. We will probably play back out of Protools, the midi outs will be placed in the files to cue various devices.
posted by StickyCarpet at 12:26 PM on May 22, 2009

Any chance for a live band? A MeFi Music supergroup?

Also: we need to hold hands at midnight and sing Punch 'Em in the Dick.
posted by Jon_Evil at 6:43 PM on May 23, 2009

I'll be providing a versatile mixing board; we can plug in anything that anyone brings. Bring instruments, your DJ rig, whatever. It can all be made loud.
posted by fuq at 8:15 AM on May 24, 2009

Should probably off on any specifics with additional hardware coming in, until we have our basic setup installed and know what our spcae constraints are.

There is a plan for a small stage area, and there will almost certainly be some live performance happening. We have an electric guitar (telecaster) and an electric cello. There may be a decent violin floating around. We will have some kind of keyboard. We should think about assembling a pick-up band setup. Maybe provide a simple drum kit and bass guitar? If people can be cool with loaning out their instruments for a set or two, then we won't need everybody to drag a bunch of stuff in. The idea for live performances would be a variety of people doing one or two things, so it'd be nice not have to breakdown any setup.
posted by StickyCarpet at 3:07 PM on May 24, 2009

I'll bring a bass and a trumpet.
posted by Jon_Evil at 11:02 PM on May 24, 2009

If any other MeFites want to put together some music to play, I'm in for that and can provide some instruments (and a rehearsal space) if necessary. MeFi mail me if you want to join in?
posted by andrewraff at 1:00 PM on May 27, 2009

Let me kick this back into play a bit with a request -- if at some point we could hear "Slippery People" by Talking Heads I would be happy.

And if a band does get going and I have enough to drink, I could kinda join in with singing. Backup. Maybe.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 7:51 AM on June 17, 2009

Oooh ... I may just bring the ukulele.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 7:03 PM on June 21, 2009

In light of his death, I nominate "Show Respect for Micheal Jackson" by James Kochalka.

I mean Jackson's death. Kochalka is alive!
posted by vrakatar at 5:32 PM on June 25, 2009

I DJ/ do party mixes FOR A LIVING. I ca do hours of happy, nerdy, fun party music at the drop of a hat. Should I burn some CDs?
posted by The Whelk at 10:01 PM on July 4, 2009

We also need a few borderline-cliche stuff, the kind of stuff that everyone still knows how to sing when they're drunk.

"Fisherman's Blues" by The Waterboys, say.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 8:02 PM on July 6, 2009

Yeah, and we need some dancy stuff, cuz i am gonna boogie boogie oogie like I just can't boogie no more.
posted by vrakatar at 9:43 PM on July 6, 2009

I think that of all occasions, this calls for a playing of Code Monkey(also downloadable). Who doesn't like Jonathan Coulton? It's nice and fast-paced for dancing.
posted by timepiece at 9:14 AM on July 11, 2009

I emailed about two hours of tunes to Sticky the other day. Hope you guys like a little Dinosaur Jr.
posted by vrakatar at 9:57 AM on July 11, 2009

CAN >>>> Mother Sky.

I'll bring my super-duper Ipod. It's got 9442...oh wait...9443 songs. Mostly indie and punky 60s to now, but also a bunch of Jazz classics and some silly bachelor pad type music too. I'm a bit lacking in the death metal genre though, regretfully. (Just cos I laugh and laugh and I forget to actually buy the music.) But I'm sure some Mastodon would go down pretty well...
posted by Skygazer at 12:23 PM on July 18, 2009

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